Cerebus is a comic book unlike any other comic book you've probably seen in the public eye before. If you're used to comics being Superman or Spiderman or even TMNT or Constantine, then you're in for a something different. Sure, it uses the same medium as those other titles originally did, but Cerebus was independently published for 26 years, the creative vision of one man, Dave Sim, with background art from Gerhard. Instead of telling a disjointed tale of capes and tights, Cerebus tells the life story of the title character. From his rough start as a mercenary living from meal to meal to walking around drinking hot coco with his bunny slippers in his own private sancuary, the 300 issues that are the Cerebus epic are a continous story from the same creative team. Along with telling Cerebus' tale, such topics as politics, religion, gender issues and such lessons as "you can get what you want, and still not be very happy" are touched upon.

The original 300 issues, which were originally published monthly from December 1977 to March 2004, are kept in print via paperback collections:

Phone Book Title: Reprints Issues: Price: Star Code*: ISBN:
Cerebus #1-25 $30.00 STAR00070978-0919359086
High Society #26-50 $30.00 STAR00071978-0919359079
Church and State I #52-80 $35.00STAR00271978-0919359093
Church and State II #81-111 $35.00STAR00321978-0919359116
Jaka's Story #114-136 $30.00STAR00359978-0919359123
Melmoth #139-150 $20.00STAR00431978-0919359109
Flight #151-162 $20.00STAR00543978-0919359130
Women #163-174 $20.00STAR00849978-0919359147
Reads #175-186 $20.00STAR01063978-0919359154
Minds #187-200 $20.00STAR01916978-0919359161
Guys #201-219 $25.00STAR06972978-0919359178
Rick's Story #220-231 $20.00STAR08468978-0919359185
Going Home I #232-250 $30.00STAR10981978-0919359192
Form and Void #251-265 $30.00STAR13500978-0919359208
Latter Days #266 - 288 $35.00AUG031920978-0919359222
The Last Day #289 - 300 $25.00APR042189978-0919359215

* Star codes are what retailers use to place orders though Diamond Distributers.

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