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Cerebus began in 1977 as a self published parody of Conan the Barbarian. Dave Sim and Gerhard finished Cerebus in March of 2004 with the publication of the final issue #300. Over the years the series morphed into something more then just an Aardvark with a sword: politics, religion, gender issues. Think of an issue and Dave Sim has tackled it.

So why bother to start reading the book now? Because it is damn good! Don't take my word for it. Check out the online Free Cerebus. Free Cerebus is a 22 page comic published in 1992 by Sim and it summarizes the first 139 issues. Impossible you say? Take a look see, it has been done. Or take a look at some other Dave Sim and Gerhard Cerebus stories with the "Epic Stories" published by Marvel in the '80's and some other short Cerebus stories. The free Cerebus will give you a slice of what Cerebus is like, while the Epic stories will allow you to see Dave and Gerhard's story telling ablities, as they are several short stories about Cerebus.

How do you get ahold of this amazing literature? Well, go here to find out. Sim keeps all of the Cerebus issues in print in the form of collections. They are pretty large (the largest collects 30 issues for $35.00, cheaper then the comics originally cost!) and well worth your hard earned money! If you would like a review of the collections, go to my Cerebus Links Page section on reviews. If you don't want to lay down $20 - $35 for a "phonebook" collection, Cerebus #0 reprints issues #51, #112/113, 137 and part of 138: several stand alone stories that will give you a taste of Cerebus.

I have been collecting Cerebus for nearly 20 years and this great book continues to astound me. If you would like to discuss it with me more, feel free to email me. I'll try to respond to your email as soon as possible! Or you can stop by the site's forum and say hello. For even more info on Cerebus that you can shake a liver at, take a look around the Cerebus Fangirl Site by clicking on the above links or check out the site map to see what is here.