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You already know who Cerebus is, or else you wouldn't be here right? Well, even if you're aren't too sure what or who Cerebus is, you've found the right place for Cerebus resources! You come in search for information on Cerebus that you lack -- why else search the web? I can understand -- the story is over 6,000 pages and 300 issues (plus specials) long. That is a lot of information!

Well, I'm a Cerebus fan(girl) myself and got P.O.ed up having to jump from site to site in search of that hard to find tidbit that I was looking for only to find that the link doesn't work. Here I give you the many Cerebus sites on the web that I've found. I have them broken down into categories to ease your search. The number in () is how many sites I've listed in that cateogry. Sites with a are newly listed on this links page.

  • Story line (5): Sites that specialize in discussing the story or that have a synopsis of the story
  • Dave Sim (30): Sites that have info on Dave Sim, discuss Dave's thoughts on the Issues, or have Sim interviews
  • Extras (15): Sites that specialize in the "extras": maps, rules to diamondback, etc.
  • Original Art (14): Sites that specialize in displaying pages of Cerebus Original art: pages from the comics & sketches.
  • Personal Cerebus Homepages (10): Sites that don't have a focus other then a love of the comic Cerebus
  • Cerebus Reviews and Articles (84): Sites with reviews (the good, the bad and the ugly) and articles on Cerebus.
  • Alexx's Cerebus Page: The complete timeline of Estarcion, Annotated Cerebus 1.2 insight into the comic to link up various events, The Cerebus Concordance 1.2: indexes the people, places, items and groups in the stories. Files are all text, but still are pretty large.
  • Cerebus Wiki: A Wiki devote to Cerebus.
Dave Sim
  • Yahoo! Group: Cerebus: A Cerebus Email list (either email, digest or view at the website). Used to be EGroups, but has been brought out by Yahoo! Same basic format as before.
  • Cerebus 3D: The website for the 3D animated film being made by Cerebus fans.
  • Cerebus The Aardvark: Has a lot of the Miscellany stories up, the animated Cerebus as movie files, and a pandorama of the room in which Cerebus spend his last day.
  • Cerebus Playlist: A playlist of Dave Sim, Gerhard, and Cerebus related videos on YouTube.
  • Diamondback: Play diamnondback with Cerebus, doesn't use the Diamondback cards, but you get to see how the game is played.
  • From Fanboys to Pros: "A selection of letters from later-to-be comics professionals." Dave's letter from Superman #203 and a letter to Cerebus (scroll down a little bit).
  • The Grand Comics Database Project: The index on Cerebus, contains hi-res scans of the individual covers for the main series.
  • Steve's Reads: Steve has written many an excellent essay about Cerebus, from Cerebus Continuity, Redemption in Cerebus and Religion in Cerebus.
Original Art
  • Cerebus Art: Dave & Ger's official site for displaying Cerebus art, prints, comics, etc. they are about to auction off on eBay.
  • Brian's Cerebus Art Page: Lots of Cerebus art and some extra goodies. Has numerous Cerebus pages and sketches. Also has some cool extras (like what happened between issue #299 & 300
  • Dave Sim: Let's Get Naked: Some sketches of Cerebus (not naked!) and several pages: issue #210 page #4 & 5 and issue #219 page #10.
  • Hal's Con Sketches: Some nice convention sketches for you to enjoy.
  • Pat's Cerebus Sketch and another Cerebus Sketch: A couple nice looking Cerebus sketches gotten from a comic convention.
  • Red Sector Art: Info on the limited Cerebus Statue (plus a nice pic) and here is a link to info 'bout the CBLDF Most Holy tee-shirt.
  • Steve's Original Comic Art: Issue #112/113 pages 2, 3 & 4
  • Unovis' Art Page: Lots of nice original art pages, and a large section on Cerebus! Don't be too jealous, Unovis is a great fellow Cerebus fan so it is in good hands!
Personal Cerebus Websites
Reviews and Articles about Cerebus