Hal's Con Sketchs

A member of the Cerebus List on Yahoo!Groups (see links page), Hal has offered the story behind the many Cerebus Sketches he has gotten over the years. They are pretty big, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Here is the first part and here is the second part.

Story behind the sketches:

The OnTour '92 sketch in my copy of Church & State was aquired the first time I met Dave 'n' Ger in Indy. I asked for a sketch of Cerebus fighting Stan Lee but Dave just laughed it off (he was very down on Stan and Marvel at the time in Aaardvark Comment). When he finished the sketch, as an afterthought he put "Stan Lee Must Die" on Cerebus' shirt.

You can read about the Mid-Ohio Con '93 sketches (mine in C&S and Young Jaka in [my now wife] Carey's copy of Jaka's Story) in Aardvark Comment (issue 180). John Byrne fans might want to skip it.

The '95 Spirit Tour was on my birthday (as you can see from the inscription Dave wrote on the young Cerebus sketch in my C&S), and in Carey's copy of Jaka, she got that great Cerebus as Mickey Rat as 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' from Fantasia sketch from Dave because she engaged him in a lo-o-o-ng talk (he remembered her from Mid-Ohio Con once she reminded him of her 'cute noise'). He took a lot of time drawing it while he spoke with her, and Ger liked the drawing so much he looked at it for about 5 min. before deciding what to put in the background. He said he'd been drawing Jupiter a lot, so he opted for Saturn this time around!

And just if you're curious, sorry, but these sketches are too well loved to be sold.