Free Cerebus: Contents

In 1992 Dave Sim published Free Cerebus, a comic that was given free to potential readers of Cerebus. In Free Cerebus, Dave summarized as best as possible the storyline of Cerebus -- at the time up to issue 136. The guys at Operation: Crazed Ferret, a Cerebus Fansite, wanted to do something to promote Cerebus for the Cerebus Campaign 1993 - 1994. The suggested to Dave that they would put it up on the website as shareware for everyone to distribute with the hopes of gaining more Cerebus readers. Dave gave his blessing to the guys at Operation: Crazed Ferret and Project "Free Ferret" was born.

So the images were scanned in by Mike Lamps and the guys at Operation: Crazed Ferret posted Free Ferret. The series Cerebus is finish, all three hundred issues have been published, but this should give you a taste of Cerebus. Cerebus is copyright 2004 by Dave Sim and Gerhard.

You can either pick from the list below, but I suggest that you start at the beginning and read it straight though.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Beginning
  3. Meeting Jaka
  4. Meeting Lord Julius
  5. The Regency Hotel
  6. The Regency Elf
  7. Bribery
  8. The Roach
  9. Astoria
  10. Jaka Pt. 2
  11. Prime Minister
  12. Prime Minister Part 2
  13. Prime Minister Part 3
  14. Prime Minister Part 4
  15. Spoilers for High Society
  16. Red Sophia
  17. Mrs. Henrot-Gutch
  18. In bed with Sophia
  19. Most Holy
  20. Most Holy Part 2
  21. Jaka Pt. 3
  22. False Pope
  23. House Guest Cerebus
  24. Pud Withers
  25. Rick
  26. Oscar Wilde
  27. Margaret Thatcher
  28. Mick & Keef
  29. Gerhard
  30. Dave Sim
  31. After Notes