Free Cerebus: Spoilers for High Society

I'm not going to tell you how High Society ends and ruin it for you, but Cerebus attempts to leave Iest for good. He begins to write his memoirs "On Governing" ("Eat only expensive food and drink only expensive liquor. It's the only good thing about being a leader. Don't attend meetings and fire advisors who tell you you have to. All you do is site there for hours while a bunch of whiners tell you what's wrong and you can't go to the bathroom. The only good thing about being a leader is quitting...everyone who bugged you all the time is unemployed or undre arrest. Ha-ha. It looks good on them, too!!") but President Weisshaupt of the United Feldwar States has other plans. He drugs Cerebus and tricks him into marrying Red Sophia, a sword-wielding pest from his barbarian days. Weisshaupt then returns him to Iest to serve as a puppet Prime Minister.

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