Cerebus Yahoo!Group FAQ

The Cerebus Yahoo!Group can be found on the internet at:

This FAQ can be found on the internet at:
or at the Yahoo!Group address above under the files section.

What is the Cerebus Yahoo!Group?
It is a mailing list with an internet viewable posting archive started by Mark Simpson of Page45 Comics. As the description says is “all about the comic "Cerebus the Aardvark," creator Dave Sim and related subjects (including a wide range of social, political and religious discussion).” This group has been “name checked” by Dave Sim in the final Cerebus phonebook, The Last Day, and Dave calls the group members “Yahoos”. The group averages close to 2,000 messages a month on a multitude of topics. If this is your first time looking at the list and you are overwhelmed about all the posts, you can change the way your message delivery / viewing options (see below). If you are discouraged about all the “off topic” posts, then please post an on topic post! We are always willing to discuss Cerebus, answer any Cerebus questions (or at least give you our answer) or ramble on about why we think the Animated Cerebus portfolio should be considered “canonical”.

Does Dave Sim actually post on this group?
Dave did post one night, but decided that an internet mailing list was not the place for him. He also did the "5 Questions with Dave" for one ReRead and occasionally someone will post something from a fax with Dave.

So is Gerhard a list member?
Yes, Gerhard is a member and does post when he has the time and something to say.

What is Dave's 5 Questions (+ 1 wildcard)?
During the second ReRead the group asked Dave a series of 5 questions about the phonebook being read and one "wildcard" question per month. That ReRead has since been concluded, and all the Q&A sessions can be found at the links below.

Where can I see the past answers to Dave’s 5 Questions?
Go to the files section for the group:
and click on “Monthly Q&A” for rich text formatted files. The files are also available as html or word documents at the Cerebus Fangirl Site at:
and scroll down until you see “Dave has answered some questions for the Cerebus Yahoo!Group” with a listing of all the past questions and answers.

Posting Pictures or Files to the Cerebus Group:
Group members can post files and pictures to the group. When you go to the group's website, you'll find links for the group's photohosting:
and files section:

Cerebus Yahoo!Group viewing / message delivery options:
The group can either be viewed via email (see message delivery options below), over the internet or both. When viewed over the internet, the group almost acts like a bulletin board, letting the viewer select which message she wants to view one at a time.

Changing your Cerebus Yahoo!Group message delivery option:
To change your message delivery option, sign in to the group at:

Click on ‘My Groups’ in the upper right hand corner, click on ‘Edit My Groups’, and then click on ‘Message delivery’ and select the option you would like:
A few simple guidelines for posting to the Cerebus Yahoo!Group:
What if the group temporarily malfunctions?:
From time to time the Cerebus Yahoo!Group temporarily malfunctions and no posts will be delivered to the website or via email. When this happens, you can check the following website for updates:
This is a Google group that will serve as the “emergency broadcast network” for when the Yahoo!Group temporarily malfunctions. A notice will be sent out to those Yahoo!Group members who join the Google group and select the email option. The Google group will only be used to sent messages of the Yahoo!Group’s temporarily malfunctions and when the group is back up. To become a member of the Google group, send one of the moderators a message using the email address you want invited to the group.

Cerebus Yahoo!Group moderators:
The Cerebus Yahoo!Group moderators can be found by signing in to the group at:
And clicking on ‘Members’ and then click on ‘Moderators’. JEFFTUNDIS is Jeff T, CTOWNER1 is Lenny and MEOWWCAT is Margaret. If you have any questions, then you can send them an email by clicking on the “Send message” button below their name.