Cerebus Checklist

  1. Original Cerebus Appearances: Just what it says
  2. Team-ups and Crossovers: From the smallest appearance in a panel to another creator giving homage to Cerebus
  3. Reprints: Where a Cerebus original appearance has been reprinted
  4. Things you can't live without!: From Tee-Shirts to Prints to Statues, all that good Cerebus merchandise
  5. Other Dave Sim & Gerhard Items: From work on other comics, interviews, and et al.

I've started putting the checklist into an MS Excel spreadsheet, so I can keep track of my collection. I've uploaded it here so you can use it also.

I need some help getting some scans and info for some of the items I've got listed. If you'd like to help me out, here is a list of items that I need info / scans on. I would very much appreciate any help that you could give me. Here are the people I want to Thank!.