Note From The President, Cerebus 78, September 1985

Copyright 1985 Dave Sim

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone in the comic book field (professionals and retailers) for voting Cerebus “best black and white comic” in the 1984 Kirby Award balloting. No one told me the awards were being presented in San Diego this year or would have had someone there to accept it for me (I went to Atlanta instead).

Just to bring you all up to date on where we’re going from here; I have completed my part of Colleen Doran’s story “The Applicant” and I’ve started on Dick Giordano’s story for Cerebus Jam #2. The 1982 American Tour diary has been typeset and the photo’s selected and placed. I have not done print #3 in the First Fifth series, for which I apologize. Volume six will be the last volume of Swords of Cerebus. The next reprint collection will be High Society Volume One, reprinting Cerebus 26-29. It will have a new story by me and Gerhard. (I’m saving all my Jam stories for Cerebus Jam).

These two issues of “Cerebus Dreams” have had much the same effect on Gerhard and me as real dreams--a chance to backwash the pool (so to speak) and go totally random for forty pages. As far as I can see, you guys can look forward to four years of Cerebus being awake for ten months and then sleeping for two.

Oh, and anyone wanting to send in a pithy analysis of Most Holy’s dreams is invited to do so.

You know, I’ve been trying my best to make these notes a little something more than a series of public service announcements. The story that Jim Shooter told me that I recounted in #76 is a little closer to what I hoped to be able to address in this space. So starting next issue, I’m going to try and avoid having another snorer like this one. We’ll see.

Like the back cover? The photo is by Judy Reich at this year’s Dallas Fantasy Festival.

Next issue, we’ll have a full colour picture of Gerhard on board his boat, the Yaicha, taken by Scotty Rotten (hi, Scotty).

And then.., dare we hope? A picture of Karen McKiel? Stay tuned.

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