Note From The President, Cerebus 79, October 1985

Copyright 1985 Dave Sim

After a great deal of discussion with Karen, we have decided to discontinue the Fan Club. The wear and tear of constantly shifting fan club projects to the back burner... on your nerves as well as ours... created a situation of rapidly diminishing returns. We thank everyone for being so patient and ask you to watch for your refund sometime before Christmas.

I had such a wonderful time at the U.K. Comic Art Convention that Gerhard and I will be doing a U.K. ‘86 tour in the spring. We would ask that all interested shops contact us with information on location, number of copies of Cerebus you sell, size of party you plan and, of course, your willingness to refrigerate light ales. I hope to make it two weeks in length (inclusive of three weekends) and maybe have a big end of tour party atone of the nicer hotels in London. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome in London and Oxford.

I had a chance to meet Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totelben, the award- guzzling Swamp Thing team (had I been there to accept my Kirby award in San Diego, I would’ve thanked DC for not publishing Swamp Thing in black and white). Three more remarkable gentlemen you couldn’t hope to find. Anyway, responding to the suggestion of R.A. Jones in a Cerebus Jam review encouraging me to surrender more creative control on the CJ stories, I asked the Unholy Three if they could be interested in doing their own Cerebus story since, alas, their tenure on Swamp Thing is drawing to a close. Steve tells me Alan is still a bit leery about it, but we are in the process of shipping mammoth care packages of Cerebus material to them as a means of not-so-subtle persuasion. The initial idea for the story is “After Issue Three Hundred” wherein Cerebus is conjured back from the dead and...

Aw, c’mon Alan, you have to.

And lest I forget, I also pumped Bill Sienkiewicz full of free food, drink and seditious thinking about the comics field and its potential in an effort to persuade him to do a thirty or forty-issue series in cooperation with Aardvark-Vanaheim. I think I sold him on it while we were over there (it was just as we passed Big Ben actually), now I have to see if it stuck.

And thanks to Jenette Kahn for inviting me to the DC dinner in Hyde Park (and Frank Plowright for finding me a cab when I found myself still signing autographs downtown at 7:30). I think the presidents of comic book companies should always discuss business in a neutral country.

Well, enough about me, how’s your life going?

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