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Cerebus Notebook #1

This page is just a holding page - I'm posting these so y'all can see what is coming. Kinda of - for these are just the scans. After the scans I'll start indexing the pages as far as what, who, when, etc for each page. And that is when the "real" work begins, the indexing for the database.

For more information on the "Online Cerebus Archive" project visit the Artists' Page and read Dave's Cerebus Archive Reports.

So far all I've done is scan in the pages at 600 dpi and then changed the resolution for 150 dpi. So far 30 pages in 2 hours 50 minutes. My "run times" are improving as I scan more and more. I don't think I'll get the entire first notebook done this weekend (as I've got stuff, yes, non-Cerebus stuff, to do on Sunday), but definately by sometime next week.

I also want to see what the "draw" is on these pages - how much bandwidth I'll be using. I'd say don't worry 'bout repeatedly downloading the pictures and bombing the servers - I'm just going to ask to download it once, and save it to your harddrive if you'd like to post it to your site or whatever. This should give me a rough estimate of how much bandwidth at first this project will be using.

Without further ado (FYI: the scans are on average bout 800 kilobytes and have a 'w' so I can tell them apart from the 600 dpi scans. Yes, I have them in different folders, but still would like to be able to tell them apart by looking at the file name):