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Here is the Cerebus story entitled "The Challenge" which never saw print, except in this rough form in The Comic Buyer's Guide #977. The story is rough layouts and text, which I've transcribed here.

From Dave's intro: "This is an unpublished Cerebus story which was commissioned by Comely Comix for The Captain Canuck Summer Special #2 (summer 1981). Comely went out of business shortly after approving the script and layouts for the story. A small blessing; his last letter suggested coloring Cerebus purple so that he would stand out in the color story! The last page of the script is missing but I have reconstructed it.

Eshnosopur - the burning white coastal jewel of the Southern City-States. Eshnosopur - whose very name is synonymous with intrigue, mystery, and danger.

The market place attacts many thousands each day of theyear. On this particular day, beneath the scorching mid-summer sun, one of the major attractions is the hastily-erected ring, the massive bronze fighter and . . .

The Challenge

Skinny Guy: Five gold pieces, gentlemen, to the first one who survives twenty counts in the ring with the Bronze Bull.

S.G.: The Strongest Man in the Southwest. . . are there any here who will meet his Challenge?

S.G.: Prehaps you have questions before you risk your lives at the hands of the Bronze Bull?

S.G.: Questions? Anyone at all?

In the crowd is Cerebus the Aardvark, free-lance sword, part time merenary and (of late) unemployed drifter. It is this condition that prompts him to be the first to speak. . .

Cerebus: How long since the Bronze bull last had a bath?

Voices from outside the panel: How long since he had a bath?

Cerebus: On second thought, don't bother answering. Cerebus should be able to stand the smell for twenty seconds, at least.

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