Parshah Topics

Here are some ongoing topics that are being discussed during the Parashah. See also Questions.


Who is the real Po? How old is he? These and other questions are discussed on the Po Page.


Lenny: I've been of the opinion that Dave just had Cerebus spouting comments on any of the various "gods" back then. I'm pretty sure there was a concept of and Terim, even at the beginning .. just not a clear idea of whom Cerebus was a strong believer in.

Mitch: [FUTURECOMMENT] He obviously does have his gods confused, as we find out during the conversation in space with Cirin. He mixes Clovis and Tarim stories all the time. IIRC, he never spouts any pro-Terim commentary, there's just items (such as the Eye) named after her.

TIP: TERIM: first sees the light of day in a spell cast by the wizard in ish one: "Ak-Aman Ra Taak Se TERIM Sera" TARIM: When the spell (aimed at C and his 2 companions) Misses, the Wizard replies, "TARIM! My aim is getting lousy, too." Same page

Larry H: Well, Tarim was used in early issues of Conan. It was in the series where Conan was involved in a war between Hyrkania and Turan. I believe they even used the phrase "the living Tarim" which Dave appropriated later in Church and State. Not clear whether "Terim" was intended to be female at this point, or if it was just an alternate spelling.

Cerebus' Appearance to others:

Lenny: I believe there are various instances (which we will now copiously note during the reread), where people look at Cerebus and while they appear to see a short guy with big ears and nose, don't quite acknowledge that he's an aardvark.

TIP: Issue one. It is as C and his two companions are sneaking up to the Wizard's place (looking to swipe the Flame Jewel/Walnut). Cerebus states: "Nay! Lurking in the bushes is not for an Earth-Pig Born!"

TIP: Bathiamapes: So, we've now heard the phrase "Earth-Pig". When does Cerebus first refer to himself as "the Earth-Pig Born"? HE knows he's an Earth-Pig. And an Earth Pig BORN, as opposed to, say, an Earth-Pig MADE. He's a REAL Earth-Pig, and he knows it! He may not know the significance of what he is, but he knows he's special, and has been special from birth.

TIP: Issue one (Rick: issue 1 page 4 or phonebook page 12). It is as C and his two companions are sneaking up to the Wizard's place (looking to swipe the Flame Jewel/Walnut). Cerebus states: "Nay! Lurking in the bushes is not for an Earth-Pig Born!"

Matt: From issue #2: Now the Borealan marauders DON'T know "whatever manner of man or beast he might be," but hey--they're ignorant northland savages, rahlly, cahnt be exPECted to know, you know. They even mistake him for a southlander; shows how isolated they are. From issue #3: Henrot knows Cerebus' an aardvark.

Mitch: [FUTURECOMMENT]: The reason that Cirin suggests that "Mothers" wear their full robes was because she thought it would help her friend get past looking so different. Therefore, people are recognizing "Cirin" as different. There are plenty of people in her inner circle that are seeing her without her full robes, so they are aware of what she looks like ... and one of the most important pieces that stood out to me, Julius actually has a PORTRAIT of Cirin that he asks Baskin to hang ("make sure its high enough so they don't notice the dart holes") when they meet for a peace conference, which means even folks outside the Cirinist circle are aware of what she looks like! When Po makes his re-appearance, no one reacts other than recognizing him. I stand by my assumption that anyone who sees Cerebus as just "deformed" is merely someone who refuses to accept that they are looking at an Aardvark.

Andy: I think that's pushing it a bit far. I think there's a slight clouding affect so that people see him as a person who's very odd looking. but then he has a lot more in common with people than with animals - he talks, uses a sword, etc. after all.

Spheres of the Gods:

Margaret: Issue #2 -- Cerebus goes after the "Eye of Terim" the most precious of the spheres of the gods. Which turns out to be the demon Khem trapped in an iron sphere. In issue #3 there is reference to the spheres of the gods again -- Cerebus thinks that Henrot uses two of the spheres. There is a reference to five spheres existing. When I first saw the eye of terim it looked a lot like the glowing thing in C&S II and also when Cerebus picks up a coin that turns into a sphere. Does anyone think these spheres of the gods are related to the spheres in C&S? wasn't there a mention of the spheres in mothers and daughters -- how death had captured these spheres to become a god or something?

Nature of Cerebus' Soul:

Rick: From issue #2: As Cerebus struggles against the succubus, it searches for a soul that is not there..."He breathes deeply and considers his fate: saved by virtue of his *unusual nature*." And as already pointed out, "...else he might be languishing now...awaiting a *saviour* to break the succubus' control." What was it about his 'unusual nature' that defeated the succubus and freed the captive souls? Could he be, oh I dunno, an angelic being?

Matt: If Cerebus is an angel, how do we explain the released souls' sound as not "for the ears of a mortal earth-pig"? His "unusual nature" might be a particularly well-protected soul, rather than a soul-less nature.