Parashah Recap: Sidestories


Mibbitmaker: And in Silverspoon, I love how the "Next" titles add comedic bite to the story! Cerebus acknowleged as Northerner. First time?


Lenny: I guess Magiking's revelation of Cerebus as a magnifier for magic IS a key piece of info for looking at the rest of the series. Perhaps we should put that on the list? Also, there was a line that sort of puzzled me/hints for the future: The magician says something along the lines of: "You're the greatest of the--" Was it magic magnifiers? If so, what else is one of these? OR was the line slightly different with different implications? Can someone here locate and post it? I remember thinking when I read it that it opened up some ntrguing questions.

Mibbitmaker: I noticed a drawing error where Cerebus HAS his sword, only in one panel, even though p. 274, panel 2 references the story as preceding Black Magiking, after he LOSES his sword. The explanation of Cer thinking it a dream may explain the sword, but not sure it WAS an actual dream.
Reference to an aardvark famine???

Scholarly Sacred Wars Roach: Here's our introduction to the square in space, a setting prominant in Church and State.