The Great Cerebus (Re)Read

A couple years back the Cerebus Yahoo!Group conducted a "parashah" were the entire Cerebus series (at least what had been published so far) was reread.

Well, now that that the series has been completed, we're rereading it again. We're also inviting Cerebus "newbies" into the fold - does 300 individual issues (not counting the little extras) or six thousand pages of one continous life story appear to be too daunting? That you don't know where to start? Someone tells you start with High Society 'cause it is where Dave really hits his form, others say Jaka's Story because it is one of Dave and Ger's better stories, or others tell you only to read up to Melmoth 'cause it goes downhill from there (or during Reads, or after Guy's, take your pick of "perfect" ending points)?

Why not start with issue #1? We are going to read Cerebus a la the book a month club: one "phonebook" (as the collections are known) a month, and after we've read it we're going to discuss it. So after you've read it, and you've got any questions whatsoever - stop by the Cerebus Yahoo!Group and ask us. We might even be able to answer it for you. If we can't, we've got an ace up our sleeve: Dave Sim.

We ain't promising that Dave will personally answer your question - he has stated though that if you write him a letter he will answer it - but he will answer 5 of our questions. And when Dave answers our questions, he answers them goodly and truly.

So when does this start you ask?

The Cerebus (Re)Read started on May 1st, 2004. During the month of May, we read the first phonebook and then at the Cerebus Yahoo!Group starting June 1, 2004 we began discussing the first phonebook (and starting to read the second phonebook, High Society). Don't have any of the phonebooks yet? Go here to find out where you can buy Cerebus collections. And don't worry if you are starting late with the ReRead - here is a page with a listing of the (first) postings from each individual phonebook, plus a listing of when we will read / have read that phonebook.

If you want to get the word out about this (re)Read print out this flyer which is in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you are curious about the first Cerebus Reread (aka the Cerebus Parashah) go here where I'm leaving up the Cerebus Parashah page and info.