Parashah - Cerebus Apocrypha

Okay, if anyone's interested, here's a list of how to read the Cerebus Apocrypha (side stories) while reading the main story. The number at the left tells you which lar issue each particular story should be read AFTER. (e.g after issue 4, read "Demonhorn").

Following the story's title is the month it was originally PUBLISHED. The following column tells where to find the story (easiest place first - dig out those World Tour Books!). Of course, this is not completely accurate, as its based on the dates of the regular issues, which, particularly in the 1980's, were not always "on schedule".

Also, I've placed "Cerebus Dreams" and "Elfguest" both after issue 50, as its probably easier to read those two separate stories in between novels rather than after one or two issues of Church and State.

And remember - this is as the stories originally appeared, NOT where they fit into Cerebus' life. For example, "What Happened Between Issues 20 and 21" does NOT belong in between issues 20 and 21!

Read After Issue #:TitleOriginally Published:Where To Find:
4Demonhorn7/78Swords 2, Nucleus 1
12Magiking11/78World Tour Book, Swords 4
13Silverspoon1980World Tour Book, Swords 4, Bi-Weekly Special
24The Name of the Game is Diamondback1/81World Tour Book, Swords 1
27The Morning After6/81World Tour Book, Swords 2
31What Happened Between Issues 20 and 21Fall/81World Tour Book, Swords 3
47Arnold the Isshurian2/83Epic Illustrated 16
50Cerebus DreamsSummer/83World Tour Book, Swords 4
50Elfguest7/83Cerebus 52, Bi-Weekly Church and State 2
67A Night On The TownFall/84World Tour Book, Swords 5
67His First Fifth10/84Epic Illustrated 26
69Cerebus Dreams II12/84AV in 3D
71A Friendly Reminder2/85Epic Illustrated 28
75Selling Insurance6/85Epic Illustrated 30
75The Girl Next Door6/85Epic Illustrated 30
91The Applicant10/86Cerebus 91
91Breaking Up Is Hard To Do10/86Anything Goes 3
115An Untold Tale of the Secret Sacred Wars10/88Aargh 1