Cerebus Fangirl Site: FAQ

Everyonce in a while I'll get an email with a question that I've answered before. Not that I don't love answering your emails (I get a kick out of it actually), it is just that if I can save you a few minutes of typing and waiting a few days for me to answer your questions before you ask them, then why not? Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get:

Does Dave or Gerhard directly sell original art from the comic? Where can I purchase original art from the comic?

Dave and Ger have a website from which you can see what EBay auctions they have posted and what will be coming up for auction. The website is Cerebus Art. They do not usually directly sell pages directly to individuals. I say this because they've only accepted one offer for pages: $2,000 each for the last page of 299 and the first page of 300. So you can write Dave an make him an offer, but keep in mind that last offer.

Another good bet for purchasing original CEREBUS art is on EBay where a search for CEREBUS will bring up the occassional piece of original art. In my searches of the 'net I also find a page or two up for sale. Check out my Del.icio.us page for "Cerebus Goodies".

How much does original art from the series usually go for? How much for a sketch?

My list of prices which Cerebus "stuff" has gone for on EBay - this includes original art (pages & sketches), issues, posters, stuffed dolls, etc. This is only one side of the market, the auction market, but it should give you a rough estimate of what items are going for.

Does Dave or Gerhard or Aardvark Vanaheim have an "official" web site?

Kinda. Gerhard designed and put up a website for the auctions of original Cerebus art, issues, etc at Cerebus Art. And there is a glamourpuss comic website, but neither Dave nor Aardvark Vanaheim have an "official site". But Dave has given his endorsement of the Cerebus Fangirl site in his Cerebus Archive Report.

Does Dave have an email address? How can I contact him?

Dave does not have an email address, but you can contact him still via the address used for Aardvark Comment:

Aardvark Vanaheim, Inc
P.O. Box 1674
Station C
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 4R2