Note From The President, Cerebus Jam, April 1985

Copyright 1985 Dave Sim

This one took a while to do, kids.

I don't think I've ever been so proud of a project that I've been involved in as I am with this first issue of the Jam.

For the continuity freaks out there Fort Columbia is in the Tcapmin Kingdoms, just north of the Wall of Tsi. The story takes place in 1402 at a time when Cerebus was just vaguely involved with the Mercenary scene in the north east of Estarcion. He was in charge of supplies and administration (as well as bilking people out of their money at Diamondback, of course).

The Invention of Armour story takes place two years later. Bear has persuaded Cerebus that the real money is to be had in going freelance. They are between assignments (obviously) in this story.

Squinteye the Sailor takes place at a port in the far north, not quite as far north as Boreala, but definitely in the north. Cerebus is about nine years old in the story (1394) and has just run away from home for the first time. Relative to the Epic Stories, he is older than he was in "His First Fifth" (1391 age six), "Selling Insurance" (1393 age eight) and "The Girl Next Door (1390 age five) and younger than he was in "A Friendly Reminder (1403 age eighteen).

The narrator of "Cerebus versus the Spirit" has an exaggerated time sense since this story takes place between issues six and seven. The year is 1411 only three years before Cerebus became Pope.

I guess that's about all for now.

We're very glad you could make it, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much for waiting.

And now . . .

Cerebus Jam

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